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We welcome feature submission and contribution from Street Photographers.

Submit a project or article you’d like us to consider featuring on our main FJM Collective. Featured projects or articles must be related to Street Photography by means of geography and/or photographer. This gives all of you a chance once again to have your work viewed and in consideration for FJM Collective online and FJM Collective in print.


Send your Submissions with the following information and specifications:

1) Please enter Email Subject as per:

  • FJM Feature Submission: [Your Project/Article Title]

2) Please include the following Submission Details in your email:

  • Project Title:
  • Statement/Synopsis:
  • Photographer’s Name:
  • Photographer’s Personal Photo:
  • Photographer’s Biography:
  • Website:

1) Attach a Zip file of your images (10 – 20) along with a text document with your captions (number accordingly).

3) Each of photo must be named as Firstname_Lastname_01.jpg, Firstname_Lastname_02.jpg, ….

4) Zip photos and bio in the same file, name as

5) Send your submissions to

You – the Photographer – retain all copyright to your work. By submitting your photos, you grant FJM Collective explicit rights to publish and use your images and submissions on their website and other official communication channels, as and when we deem appropriate. Please note that only successful submission candidates will be featured and may likely be contacted for further information.