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Street Photography Malaysia Editors Pick April 2018

Street Photography Malaysia Editors Pick April 2018. We have often said that Street Photography is the purest form of photography. Every step of framing, from the planning to the editing to the final selection, spring from a photographer’s imagination and is realized by his or her talents. Of course, we have to start somewhere. We believe that photographer s must first understand the complex visual grammar of the medium before they can explore their personal styles and channel that creativity. You have to know the rules before you can break them. For month of April 2018, total of 6 photos has been curated from FJM Street Photography Malaysia Facebook Group for month of April. Congratulation to all photographers!

Featured Photographer – Aizad Fadzli / Shar Anoruddin / Sukowisesa Pratyeka / Kenichi Rahman / Johny / John Rudio

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